Happy New Year from Maria Bello Online!
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As it’s January 1st already, I would like to take a second to wish all of our visitors and fellow Maria fans – as well as Ms Bello herself – a very Happy New Year! I hope 2012 brings you lots of happiness and success.

2011 was a very successful year for Maria, with the announcement and airing of her very own TV cop show!Prime Suspect – and in particular it’s leading detective, Jane Timoney – gained a very dedicated fanbase who lapped up each new episode. Unfortunately, the ratings weren’t enough and NBC cancelled the show after only half a season. While we’re all disappointed with this cancellation, we have no doubt Prime Suspect has introduced the talents of Maria to a whole new legion of people, and 2012 will be sure to bring new and exciting projects.

Thank you for visiting Maria Bello Online in 2011, we hope you’ve enjoyed your visit! Lisa and I will continue to cover Maria’s career in 2012, bringing you the latest and greatest on this versatile and admirable leading lady.


Merry Christmas from Maria Bello Online!
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Lisa and I would like to wish all of our visitors, plus Maria and her loved ones, a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I hope your holiday is spent with loved ones and filled with lots of joy!!




Maria Bello and Kim Kardashian travel to Haiti
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Maria recently went back to Haiti to continue her work with We Advance, and this time took famed reality TV star Kim Kardashian with her. Read more about their trip below – it’s pretty interesting. Whatever our reservations about the Kardashian name, you can’t deny that her name being linked to Haiti and We Advance will at least spread the word about the cause and bring it more attention, which is never a bad thing.

The duo wrote an article about their trip for the Huffington Post, which you can read just below. And Kim Kardashian mentioned it on her Official Blog too, saying she will be posting more about it soon.

We Came to Haiti to Celebrate… 
BY Kim Kardashian and Maria Bello

Who knew a woman who runs around on TV with a gun and another who runs around in heels would have so much in common? We were brought together through a bizzare turn of events, and we discovered our mutual goal of empowering women using our own unique voices. We decided to journey together with Kris, Farouk Shami, Patricia Arquette, Suzanne Lerner, and a few of their friends to experience the Haiti that Maria has come to know and love through her organization, We Advance.

We Advance was started after the earthquake in January 2010, as a direct response to the increase in gender-based violence and poor health care for women in the poorest areas of the country. We Advance works with and represents the voices of over 40 micro-organizations working in the most desperate situations and communities in Haiti.



Our itinerary was to visit some of the small, grassroots NGOs that We Advance works with, including Artists for Peace and Justice, Femmes en Democratie, and Give Love, and to join women at the trade fair and fashion show in celebrating their achievements.

This is who we celebrated:


continue reading »



“Prime Suspect” ‘Gone to Pieces’ previews
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Make sure you tune in to Prime Suspect tonight, US fans! It’s an ER reunion of sorts again, as Laura Innes co-stars. Here are a couple of previews:

The Business of Porn
Augie can’t thank Jane enough for putting him on porn duty.


Look to Your Latin
When Duffy tries to pass off work to Jane, Sweeney shuts him down, invoking veiled threats in an ancient tongue.



New candids of Maria out on November 19th
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For our final update today (don’t miss our other 3 below), I’ve added some new candids of Maria out and about at night in LA a couple of weeks ago.




Maria at We Advance Benefit for Haiti
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Earlier this month, Maria hosted a benefit for her charity We Advance in Hollywood. Various celebrities turned out to support, including her Prime Suspect cast, something which Maria tweeted she was “so happy” about! Photos are in the Gallery for you:

• We Advance Haiti Benefit Hosted By Maria Bello x29




Maria and Jack visit Epcot at Disney World
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In this handout photo provided by Disney Parks, actress and activist Maria Bello, who stars as fedora-wearing Detective Jane Timoney on the NBC crime drama “Prime Suspect,” wears a mouse-eared fedora and poses with her son, Jackson, in front of the holiday tree at Epcot theme park at Walt Disney World Resort on November 25, 2011 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Bello also is a co-founder of “WE ADVANCE,” an organization to advance the well-being of women throughout Haiti.




“ER” Season 3 ‘One More For The Road’ episode screencaptures
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I have now finally completed our ER screencaptures, with caps from the Season 3 finale ‘One More For The Road’ uploaded to our Gallery today! This episode had some great Anna episodes, as we saw her clash, and then bond, with Doug Ross. The quality of the caps isn’t as good as I would ideally like, but they’re all I can get from the DVD it seems!

• ER > Season 3 Screencaptures > Episode 22: One For The Road x242




Access Hollywood Live: Maria Bello On Her ‘Prime Suspect’ Look & The Issues With Monogamy
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Access Hollywood Live: Maria Bello On Her ‘Prime Suspect’ Look & The Issues With Monogamy

Maria Bello compares herself to her “edgy” character on “Prime Suspect” (which airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC), but what does she think about all the talk over her character’s fedora? Plus, what does she think about the issue of monogamy in marriage? Also, check out the notable work Maria’s charity, We Advance, does in Haiti at www.weadvance.org.





NBC Shuts Down Production On “Prime Suspect”
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It’s sad news today, Maria fans, as it is being reported that production on Prime Suspect is shutting down, meaning that they won’t be filming any more new episodes after the one they are starting on this week (episode 13). I know the show had some dedicated fans, and I’m disappointed for Maria as it seemed she really loved working on this show!

We’re sure there can only be more great work for Maria round the corner, though, especially after her much-talked about performance as Jane!

NBC is shutting down production on “Prime Suspect.”

Show was left in the lurch following Monday’s announcement that the Maria Bello starrer wouldn’t have a place in the midseason schedule. Procedural, from Universal Television, currently airs at 10 p.m. Thursday but will be replaced by “The Firm,” which begins its regular run Jan. 12.

“Prime Suspect” has long been a favorite of the network and topper Bob Greenblatt, but viewers have never embraced the skein. “Suspect” is averaging a 1.6 rating/4 share in the 18-49 demo and 5.8 million total viewers.

In trying to generate some viewer retention, Greenblatt double-pumped the show — running it twice in one week — but the numbers have never improved.

While the skein isn’t officially canceled, the halt in production likely means the show will be permanently off the air after its 13-episode order.

With only “Up All Night” and “Grimm” the only new shows working well on the NBC sked, net is looking forward to midseason. Not only will “The Firm” debut, but Greenblatt has high expectations for the Katharine McPhee-Debra Messing starrer “Smash.”

And there’s also the return on reality hit “The Voice,” which starts its second season Feb. 6.

- Variety



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